Thursday, November 12, 2009

October 2009 video game industry sales report from NPD Group

The NPD Group has revealed the retail sales for the video game industry for the
month of October 2009. Videogame sales totaled $380.74 million in hardware sales
and $572.73 million in software (game) sales, down from last month's sales.

In gaming hardware, the Wii managed to reclaim the top spot. This is thanks
to its first price drop since its release, dropping from a $249.99 MSRP to
$199.99 MSRP. Nintendo's DS/DSi handheld takes the #2 spot, while the
PlayStation 3 still seems to be selling well with it's $299.99 120GB PS3 "Slim"
system. It's unclear if the PSPgo is included in PSP sales, but if it is, it's
off to a slow start with overall PSP sales slightly down about 15K units from
last month.

For game sales, it's a big shift from last month. Uncharted 2: Among
takes the #1 spot, which was held by Halo 3: ODST last
month. Wii Fit Plus comes in at #2 for Nintendo. It's a promising debut
for the new game, Borderlands which comes in at #3.

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